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Meet Katherine.

Katherine is enthusiastic about developing targeted and creative solutions for clients and individuals in their organisational and personal transformation journeys. A trusted advisor with international experience in transition and change solutions, Katherine supports people and organisations to navigate the future world of work.
Having acquired a vast knowledge of roles at all levels and across a wide range of industries is something many clients and coachees have come to appreciate and depend on when making significant change decisions and implementing actions.

Katherine sees connections between the seemingly unconnectable - linking organisations, people and purpose. She asks penetrating questions to help people deepen their understanding of themselves, and the value of their experience and ideas. She is motivated by inspiring and guiding people to make empowered decisions, live their best life and leave a legacy.

The brief.

The goal of this project is to showcase To Evolve's expertise in people management, executive coaching, and transition management, and to attract individuals and corporations who are seeking guidance and support to thrive through the challenges and opportunities of change. The website acts as a digital shopfront, providing a clear and concise explanation of Katherine's services and making it easy for potential clients to book a consultation and begin their journey towards personal and professional growth.

There is also a member's only library of goodies: when Katherine delivers training, the trainees can access their content afterwards so they don't need to focus on taking notes but learning and connecting.

To Evolve Homepage

Working with Sarah and her A Lined Design team was a great experience. The methodology and tools they used were insightful and helped us achieve our desired outcome quickly. Sarah's short videos were particularly helpful in helping me learn how to navigate the website, and her design skills were impressive. The end result was a user-friendly website that exceeded my expectations. What impressed me most about Sarah was her ability to manage her introverted style while still being highly productive. Her tools ensured that nothing was missed, and she was quick to resolve any issues that arose. Repeat business and referrals are always an indicator of exceptional service and I have already done both. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented and efficient website and brand developer.

- Katherine Riddoch

The brand design.

An energetic blue, strong fonts, with warm neutrals.

We chose a variable weight font which can stretch, shrink, get bold or light for Katherine's logo: we show that evolution led by To Evolve leads to expansion and growth.

Katherine has a few programs that she teaches, each with a specific focus. We developed a series of icons to sit within the O of EVOLVE to denote each program, and a different focus colour is chosen each time.

The To Evolve colour palette is warm, professional, classic,and fresh. All colours lean to a warm hue.

The web design.

Elegant simplicity with personality peeking through.

Katherine's website boasts an elegant simplicity with a touch of personality. It utilises ample white space, subtle colour blocks, beautiful imagery, and text that instills confidence and reassurance in potential clients.

Elements on the site slightly overlap, creating a stepping-stone effect, and guiding visitors through their coaching journey.

Text is maintained in Katherine's signature blue, never pure black, to ensure a relaxing reading experience.

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In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses. That's why it's essential to work with a web development company that not only understands the technical aspects of building a website but also has a strong focus on creative design.

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