Amplitude Virtual Assistance

Meet Erin.

Let's chat about Erin, the mastermind behind Amplitude Virtual Assistance. She's like a virtuoso of tackling life and business complexities. With a background in corporate gigs, not-for-profit adventures, and even a stint in tourism, she's learned a thing or two along the way. What's Erin's secret weapon, you ask? Well, it's her uncanny ability to dive into almost any software program and become an expert in minutes. When she's not making CEOs' lives easier, she's out there with her family, soaking up that fresh Tassie air and basking in the beauty of her home state.

So, why did Erin start Amplitude VA? Because she's on a mission to change the game. She doesn't want to be seen as a luxury service; she's all about being your game-changer. Erin's approach is simple: you don't need to bring her solutions, just problems. Unload it all on her, and she'll figure out the best solutions to kick those stresses to the curb.

The brief.

Now, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of the design challenges Amplitude Virtual Assistance had to tackle. It wasn't just about pretty colors and fonts; it was about crafting a brand that hits the right notes. First, there was the challenge of building a strong brand identity that's both professional and approachable. Erin wanted her clients to know they could trust her to get the job done while still maintaining a friendly vibe. After all, who wouldn't want a virtual assistant who's reliable and has a reassuring presence?

But that's not all. Erin needed to make it clear why her services stood out in a crowded market. There's no shortage of virtual assistants out there, so setting Amplitude VA apart was crucial. Erin's unique approach, where she takes the lead in problem-solving for her clients, needed to shine through. That meant conveying trust, dependability, and predictability in a field that's all about consistency.

And then there's the matter of defining the brand voice and tone. Amplitude VA needed a personality that's both professional and friendly. This brand was all about helping clients tackle their pain points, from trust issues to time stress, and the voice and tone had to reflect that.

Working with A Lined Design has been the most fantastic experience. Sarah and the team were able to decipher our pie in the sky ideals and create a brand and logo that perfectly matched the feel we were going for. So easy to work with and very timely, highly recommend!

- Angus Souter

The brand design.

Warm, welcoming, and dependable.

Now, for the fun part—the design outcome! Amplitude Virtual Assistance is reborn with a brand identity that's warm, welcoming, and super dependable. With the catchy tagline, "Give up Your Mental Load and Get Back Your Time," clients immediately get what Amplitude VA is all about. The brand voice is all about being professional, enthusiastic, relatable, and, most importantly, trustworthy. You can practically feel the stability and dependability oozing from it.

Visually, the new brand is just as inviting. The warm and friendly color palette combines earthy and warm tones, radiating groundedness and approachability. And the fonts? They scream modern elegance and legibility.

The new brand addresses common pitfalls in the industry, like the race to the bottom on pricing. It clearly communicates that Amplitude VA isn't about offering cut-rate prices but about delivering value and quality. This is what sets Amplitude VA apart from the competition.

The brand's voice and tone reflect Erin's empathy and authority. It's all about warmth, positivity, and providing a reassuring environment for clients to unload their burdens. And with Erin's talent for understanding various processes, Amplitude VA can offer streamlined, efficient solutions to all sorts of tasks. Clients now have a partner who can help them reclaim their time, freedom, and flexibility. It's all about getting stuff done, without the stress.

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