Hobart Women's Shelter

About the Hobart Women's Shelter.

The Hobart Women's Shelter is a fantastic organization that provides emergency shelter and support services to women and children who have experienced domestic violence, homelessness, and other forms of abuse. They are a non-profit organization founded in 1976, and have become a vital resource for women in the Hobart community who are in need of a safe and supportive environment.

The shelter can accommodate up to 16 women and their children, and offers a range of services including crisis counselling, legal advocacy, and assistance with securing long-term housing. They have an amazing team of dedicated professionals who work 24/7 to ensure that each woman and child feels safe, heard, and respected. 

The number one reason why women will not leave a family violence situation is the fear of being homeless. As a response, the Shelter has embarked on an ambitious project to build 25 new permanent homes for women and children facing homelessness by 2024 to add to the Shelter’s existing 25 emergency housing units – 50 homes for 50 years of service: their Buy a Brick Campaign

The brief.

Hobart Women's Shelter had an exisiting logo which had become dated, and reasonate with the strength that needed to come across. Their website too was outdated and needed to connect better with both women in need and the donors HWS had hoped to attract to the Buy a Brick campaign. 

Hobart Women's Shelter home page screenshot
Hobart Women's Shelter website prior to redevelopment

The design.

Outstretched arms, a solid roof to protect, deeper foundations, and a modern font with joyful curves but solid edges.

Retaining the colour purple was very important to the HWS team, as the colour purple has been historically associated with feminism as it represents a symbol of the women's suffrage movement and stands for women's empowerment, dignity, and respect. We modernised the palette and paired a friendly font called Captura which is easy to read, modern, and approachable.

Our newly designed logo features a home space created from outstretched arms, a solid roof to protect, deeper foundations, and a modern font with joyful curves but solid edges. The colours are more energetic and higher contrast, presented on a warm background instead of a stark white - like a warm glow from a light.

We gave a nod to the existing design by highlighting the word "home'' within the logo words, though broken over one line instead of three (as per the previous logo) to make it easier to read.

Privacy is incredibly important to the users of the Shelter, so actual images cannot be used. We utilised a series of stock vector images and created a very extended palette toned to the brand's logo which can also be used on printed media and social channels without every worrying about identities being revealed.

[Hobart Women's Shelter opted to provide their own words and copy for this project]

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