Andy Crawford of Walk on Kunanyi

Meet Andy.

Andy was a mountain goat in a past life, we're sure of that! Lover of the outdoors, rocks (he's an actual geologist), nature, and talking the leg off a chair, Andy loves kunanyi/Mt Wellington. 

In his words:

"I’ve lived on the foot hills of kunanyi / Mt Wellington all my life. It is an absolute honour for me to be able to share the stories that I’ve learnt. I know from my own travels, including walking in Nepal, that visiting the places where the natural and cultural intrigues reside makes the stories spring to life.

I continue to ‘play’ on the mountain whenever I can, be it running, climbing, riding or walking, and I’m still discovering new wonders. I’ve got a background in geology, teaching, business sustainability and managed the drinking water catchments on kunanyi / Mt Wellington for 8 years. Needless to say, I can rabbit on about these topics for yonks."

So, it was a natural fit to open The Mountain's only dedicated walking company. 

The brief.

Organic, bright, and different within the industry. 

Natural and organic to reflect the environment, historical but modern to reflect the suburb of South Hobart where the mountain is, clear to enable ESL and quick recognition, timeless enough to grow and evovle with the business. 

A focus on the shadows and stories, and the greens of the foliage.

A visually stunning homepage featuring an extensive array of pictures, designed specifically for a tour operator focusing on Tasmania.

Working with the team at A Lined Design was a dream, they spent the time to get brand strategy and execution right, with a laser focus on our customer journey. They have turned our website into a key sales tool with a content marketing strategy that means our customers find us easily AND love our brand. The team are fast, process driven, strategic, great problem solvers with amazing attention to detail.

- Andy Crawford

The web design.

Online bookings, third party integrations and storytelling throughout.

Walk on kunanyi takes bookings in two ways: from Rezdy (an integrated industry platform) and customer enquiry. Rezdy products you can book tickets, custom walks require a conversation first. Both need to be presented together on the Walks page. We built a custom post type for each and a filterable grid to allow users to see all walks at once, without having to understand the difference. Then once the user has chosen a walk they are guided to make a booking (through Rezdy) or make an enquiry (custom walks).

We have used a charcoal background with pops of fern green throughout the site to create a deep mood, a feeling of being under branches and exploring. The orange of the dolerite is a secondary highlight colour in contrast to the green. 

The blog is incredibly important for this website - the majority of the web traffic finds its way through the blog articles. The team have been very careful to follow our content strategy and as a result, consistently find themselves in the top few places on Google for queries related to their business model. 


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