Andy and Ciara are two mates with experience between them in guiding, water catchment management, Tasmania's native flora and fauna, a love of history, and a love of the outdoors. And the bush!

Hobart in Tasmania is lucky to have kunanyi/Mt Wellington at its doorstep. It is one of the steepest bioclines in the world: it goes from coastal to alpine in 30kms. That's a lot to take in on one walk. You can dip your toe in the ocean and be at the top of the mountain in a day's climb!

Imagine having intriguing stories and great local produce as you walk and take it all in. Heaven!

The colours were selected from the surrounding foliage and granite, the mystery of the mountain and brooding skies. The fonts are fun and expressive (not too serious!) and a bit retro which suggest an unplugging from the digital and remembering how we used to have fun. 

The logo comprises kunanyi, wedge tailed eagles, and a sunray compass to point that way.

The website has a customised booking platform, which ensures walkers know what level of fitness they need, what gear to bring, and how long they'll be out. The interactive calendar gives a bit of information before the reader clicks on the entry so browsing by date is fun and valuable. 



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