Sharing Knowledge Builds Your Brand

You're an expert at something.

It might be balancing cuisine with the right craft beer, finding partners for single socks, finding relevant hashtags (pls send help!), and hopefully you do in your business. The simple process of taking knowledge and sharing it, can bring sales opportunities and build a stronger brand.

The more unique and engaging content your piece of content is on your chosen topic of expertise, the more your followers will start to think of you as a leader in your chosen field. But then won't my students and other business owners take my knowledge and replicate what I'm doing? And then take all my clients and my money and my puppies? And then I'll have nothing!

You are not what you make. Say that a few times over. What you make is a product of your mind, creativity, processes, experience, point of view, stage in life, location, and so much more. You could give someone your exact everything to replicate what you do and they wouldn't be able to do what you do, because they ain't you.

And copying? Well, shouldn't be an issue because... they aren't you. The people you're destined to work with want YOU, and those who end up with someone else, they weren't your clients. The can't see your magic so let them go. But if that other person is infringing your IP though, get tough.

Put it this way. How many celebrity chefs are out there? They've all got books right? You might have cooked a few recipes from them? How's your recipie book empire going? Don't have one? Seeeeeee. Not everyone you teach is out to get you.

Chris Do of The Futur says the best way to learn is to teach. Knowledge sharing makes you better at what you do! In the learning pyramid the progression of retention from lowest to highest is: lecture, readings, audio/visual, demonstrations, discussion, practice, then teaching. You learn more about your craft when you teach it to someone else. Speading the culture of knowledge improves everyone. And the things you think might be common knowledge? They just might not be, and even if they are.... it's worth reminding your audience of the important stuff anyway.

Not only do your audience get more from you, you do too. Sounds like a win:win to us!

A rising tide lifts all boats right - we all grow and improve together, and we all benefit from it. 

There are so many places you can share your knowledge, build your brand, and get your mug out there.


Here's some examples.



Social media

Well, yeah of course right! It's a din out there, but people are looking for genuine content amongst the fluffy and airy, and real advice always has a place. Take every question you get seriously as an insight into ideal client needs and engage. Use examples of interactions to show how you've overcome business challenges, provided a beautiful customer experience or customer service, and then taken that knowledge into a process. That knowledge improves the businesses around you for the benefit of all customers. YEAH.



YouTube Videos

If you search for a house maintenance problem, such as fitting a hinge or uncolggin a pipe, you’ll often find multiple handyfolks who answer this question in a very simple and easy to understand manner. They aren’t “selling” on the platform, they’re establishing their expertise. Yet, they do still have their contact information available in case someone wants to call them. Imagine if that was you?




People love stories and being part of a conversation. Podcasts do just that. Your listeners will hear your voice and personality and get to know much more of the real less-scripted you.

You can start a podcast for a relatively low fee per month with a microphone and a computer.




Our lead copywriter and I both get to add "published author" to our bios after participating in the Change Maker series. You could write your own, or be part of a multiauthor project. It could be an ebook, printed, a weighty tome or a quick how-to. It could even be something you hand over to new prospects during a first meeting. There is still so much value placed on a book in this digital intangible age.



Digital Product

Anyone can create a digital product. Hello, Canva! All you need to do is think about the type of problems that their audience suffer from. Digital products are quick and easy to create. Ideally they’ll deliver value quickly, so that the customer gets an immediate return on their investment. Lead magnet, anyone?


Creating a course is a time investment. It’s not a short process but it is one of the best ways that you can share your knowledge. It could be the opportunity for you to create a recurring revenue stream from one intense effort that is far beyond anything you're currently doing in your business. BTW, did you know we're releasing a course on building your own website soon?



Blog posts

Much import. SO much import. If you have a website you need to be blogging about your areas of expertise. Our clients find that they have one super important blog article that ends up getting the lion's share of their organic search traffic, and it will ALWAYS be one where they have answered a commom but important question well.




The only sandbox you have control over is your email list and your website. So backup those blog posts with an email to ensure that your own list knows what you're up to and come back to visit those gems you're writing about just for them. Make sure you've got a button or link to go direct to the post or your audience might get lost on the way.




Your ability to grow the body on knowledge in your industry is huge, you have value no matter the type of content you choose to produce. You ready to get your face out there on the social networks and share your awesome?

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