Meet Jenn.

Small business made simple (or at least simpler) that's Jenn's goal for you.

Trying to make it on your own in business can be TOUGH. Let's face it, small business owners are to be absolute experts at every aspect of business.  You need to be great at networking, marketing, copywriting and selling.  Not to mention great with numbers, managing staff, suppliers and of course, balancing your family life.

Jenn is a marketing nerd, passionate social media user, Mum of 3, Wife of 1 (aka the Amazing Farmer), small business lover and creator of the Small Business Made Simple Podcast. She's spent the last 12 years running her own small businesses, through all the peaks and troughs, the booms and the busts, and the last 3 teaching everything she's learnt, on the ground, doing the doing, building successful businesses for other Small Business Owners from across our sunburnt country near and far.

Jenn's love of marketing and social media is clear to anyone in my world and I know that if you can get your marketing right (online and offline), you can build the business of your dreams.

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The brief.

Jenn knew she wanted something fresh and fun - not corporate and stuff. She sells connection and authenticity so it was super important that we could really show everythign that Jenn is and everything she has to offer. Jenn did already have a website that she'd put together on her own. We admire a bias to action! But she was also clear we were keeping nothing from it

Sarah is an absolute star at what she does. She has been absolutely amazing from start to finish and boy did I test her during our build. But she always had my best interest, my brand and me in mind whenever she suggested anything and as we went through the process of building my new baby Oh and her process, so freaking professional. Outstanding in the industry. She was always so supportive and knew the solutions to all my problems! Hundred thousand thank yous Sarah xx People out there, I cannot recommend A Lined Design highly enough.

- Jenn Donovan


The brand design.

Jenn has a hero colour influenced by her favourite jeweller. Can you guess who they might be? We expanded ont hat colour and developed a palette which has depth within that colour, enough contrast to be legible always, and a softness which brings in the fun element.

We brought in a handwritten font to indicate jenn's own voice, paired with a rounded sans serif in the logo and Futura for the body.

The web design.

Moodboards, pinterest, to do lists and instagram influenced the website design. Overlaid images, handwriting, taped elements and call outs bring in a social and casual vibe. We're on Jenn's vision board for YOUR business! The Social Media and Marketing website has a store, e learning platform, podcast and blog - all using these design elements for consistency of voice.
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We’re a creative brand and web design agency based in Hobart, Tasmania servicing clients all around Australia and the world. We specialise in helping creative entrepreneurs shine online.
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