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About MS Interiors.

MS Interiors is your partner in transforming your living space into a personalised sanctuary. With over 40 years of expertise in creating bespoke joinery solutions, they excel at making your home truly yours. From crafting more spacious kitchens and better-designed bathrooms to one-of-a-kind pieces for your living area, they're experts in delivering tailored solutions.

What sets MS Interiors apart is their commitment to an end-to-end experience. Their in-house team manages every step, from planning and design to manufacturing and installation. This hands-on approach ensures a seamless and enjoyable process, and their transparent communication guarantees you're always in the know. Start your journey today to achieve a home that perfectly suits your unique needs.

The brief.

When MS Interiors approached us, they were facing several challenges. Many homeowners struggled to find quality joinery solutions that met their specific needs. MS Interiors needed to communicate their commitment to personalized design, debunking the myth that custom joinery was an expensive luxury. They also wanted to emphasise their expertise and hands-on approach.

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The brand design.

Scandi inspired simplicity.

We crafted a colour palette inspired by Scandinavian architecture, conveying clean lines and timeless elegance. This choice in colours aligned with MS Interiors' brand philosophy and gave their visual identity a sophisticated, inviting look.

The logo is drawn from the angles of joinery (the M) and the infinite possibilities of customisation (the S)

The call to action, "Customise your home, upgrade your life. GET A QUOTE TODAY," which added to MS Interiors' brand identity by highlighting the benefits of customised living spaces. It encouraged visitors to take action and experience MS Interiors' services.

The web design.

We've given MS Interiors' website a fresh and inviting makeover that's all about making you feel right at home. Our content is like your favourite story – simple, and engaging, and it tells you everything you need to know about custom joinery without the techy stuff.

We've added buttons that cut to the chase, telling you to "Get a Quote Today." No beating around the bush. Plus, we've spiced things up with real-life stories from happy customers. It's not just business; it's trust and smiles.

The visual vibe? Think clean lines and timeless style, inspired by Scandinavian architecture. The typography? We've used Gabriela for that classy, eye-catching feel, and Bw Glenn Sans for straightforward, clear communication. The new website doesn't just look pretty; it's your window into MS Interiors' world of personalised, hands-on service that ensures the highest quality home transformations.

Our online glow-up isn't just for show. It's how MS Interiors connects with more folks online, spreading the word about quality, personalisation, and homes that feel like sanctuaries. The call to action is the nudge you need to get closer to the home of your dreams. It's as simple as, "Customise your home, upgrade your life. GET A QUOTE TODAY."

So, it's not just a website makeover. It's an upgrade – a place where you learn, get inspired, and take the leap towards your perfect home with MS Interiors.

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