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Meet Dawn.

She looks familiar, right?

Dawn is our copywriter, who also runs her own biz at Kangaroo Spotting. 

Dawn, a Buffalo native living in Australia since 2009 (she came to our shores following a gorgeous Aussie bloke she fell in love with in Bali. I know, right!), is a multi-talented artist and writer, crafting both visual and written content.

Her work revolves around storytelling and connection, helping entrepreneurs connect with their audiences and guiding collectors to connect with themselves. With a background in Humanities and English, including a Masters in English and Gender Studies, Dawn's diverse career spans journalism, marketing, and various roles in communication. Her experience culminates in her role as an artful copywriter for small businesses, emphasizing that true artistry is born from the act of creation, not just degrees. The name "Kangaroo Spotting" serves as a metaphor for discovering joy in one's identity and everyday life.

The brief.

Link two parts of the soul, and don't let prospects get lost. 

Dawn offers two very distinct services: art and copywriting. 

They are parts of her soul and inextricably linked - each flavours the delivery of the other. We had to quickly show that both are on offer (leads will come in from various sources) without confusion, ensure that the overall design complimented the level of professionalism expected in both spheres, but also allowed Dawn's unique personality to shine through. 

When you choose someone to create art for you, you're making a personal connection. You want to feel that they will get you. 

When you choose someone to write for you, you need to know they will listen.

A balancing act for sure!

A website with a lot of pictures on it, specifically designed for brand design purposes.
Roo Spotting website before redevelopment

Working with Sarah at A Lined Design is hands-down the best business decision I’ve ever made. After years of trying to ‘teach myself’ how to do my own website I came to understand that I needed to delegate this all-important task to someone far more knowledgeable...

Sarah added more value to my project than I paid her in dollars. She’s a rare talent, a mixture of creativity and brains. The project paid for itself as I was able to free up my time and brain-space to actually work. I’m a client for life.

- Dawn Rieniets

The brand design.

Bold, colourful, brush strokes and paint splats. 

The brand design for Kangaroo Spotting needed to showcase artwork without dominating it, like a white gallery wall but with personality. The colours all needed to convey energy and something that would be different in both spheres of work, without having the clients for either service wonder what they are in for. 

Dawn's perspective and personality is the common thread here - so we wanted to shine a light on that without getting too personal. 

We looked to her artworks, her tattoos, the colour she wears and her bold approach. 

We created a brush stroke logo, reminiscent of her artworks, surrounded with splats of energy. We created a series of line-based artworks to overlay on other elements like her collage art pieces and collection of tattoos.

The typesetting is clear and all business, in contrast to the freedom of the brush font and line art. Easy to read, refined and elegant. 

The web design.

The most informative art portfolio you'll find, and all you need to know about copywriting.

Have you ever found an artist you love, and tried to figure out if you can buy a piece in their portfolio? It's pretty frustrating. You need to find contact information, explain what you were looking at, what the price range might be... Not for Kangaroo Spotting! Dawn uses WooCommerce and our portfolio and shop use stock control - if an item is in stock it will be in the shop AND the portfolio. You can add anything stock right into your cart. Anything out of stock will be in the portfolio only, with a prompt to contact Dawn (and a link to her contact page) to create something similar. This makes the most of the SEO the product will have gathered while in stock. The best part is, once a sale is complete it will mark itself out of stock and disappear from the shop without any interactions. Noice. 

For copywriting services, Dawn uses long-form sales pages to make the sell and connections. We used her fun images and brand design to bring those words to life in her unique way. 

Buttons are PINK and turn chartreuse on hover, all the neons! 

a lined design text on biscuit pink rgb

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