Buy From Tasmania

Meet Janelle

Founder of Buy From Tasmania, Janelle helped grow the Facebook Group’ Plug a Business Tasmania’ and created Buy From Tasmania out of her community love and desire to support small, family-owned businesses in Tassie.

She wants to see their community survive and thrive during pandemic-induced restrictions. As a born-and-bred Tasmanian with a local family business herself, she wanted to find a way to give back to her village, to see it thrive and remain sustainable for future generations.

Janelle Larkin At Agraian Kitchen

The brief.

A multi-vendor marketplace like Etsy but for Tasmania, showcasing the best of what Tassie has to offer. A services and accommodation index, a cart to checkout, ability for vendors to set their own shipping rates and dates, social media connections, a blog, simple helpful navigatin and search, a focus on mobile functionality, and beautiful design.

For the brand, Janelle was very clear that there was to be no “dead-dog” (Tasmanian Thylacine), nothing which had been done to death already by other Tasmanian brands, including the state government. The brand needed to be familiar, but with a point of difference and personality.

Buy From Tasmania is always encouraging and inclusive, comforting but dynamic.

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Sarah came highly recommended and it didn’t take long to see why. From the first meet to the last she has been extremely competent and professional, what meant more to me was her kindness and patience.

Sarah’s onboarding process is outstanding and her project management skills top notch. I can honestly say what was delivered was beyond expectation and the logo, colour palette and branding guidelines add enormous value over and above the website.

Sarah is a good listener and open to suggestion. I enjoyed working with her and have no doubt you will too.

- Simon Duigan

The brand design.

Very broad colour palette so whatever the season or element we would have something on brand to use. Warm tones, ocean depths, gray sand for the ocean and sand, kelp forest green, chalk blue. All toned together with a vintage feel.

Indigo Moon is a decadent, classic serif and preserved texture, for a uniquely vintage, yet modern feel. Paired with clear and precise Optima font, we’ve created clarity, personality, softness, and a unique presence which will become instantly recognisable over time.

The web design.

The design has been brought to life interactive seasonal elements for Tasmania – unique in Australia for having four seasons and a native deciduous tree. On the home page click around and stamp on elements for the current season! The feature colours change with the seasons, too.

The names of the store vendors are shown in the store archive, and users can click around to get to know vendors, categories, make connections on social media, and read blogs.

The design is simple but elegant, with gray sand coloured elements breaking up the white space and providing guidance around the page.

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