8 easy ways to build a colour palette

Building a colour palette can be SUUUUPER fun, but it can also take way more time than it should and even a source of annoyance when the whole thing just doesn't sit right.

I know you know what I mean.

So here's a few of my favourite ways to put together a colour palette for Canva, brand design, mood boards, inspiration, hell even decorating your house.

Colour Palette Ideas


Lots of fun, simple interface, nice and big!

You can drag the colours into a different order, save one you like then hit spacebar to build a palette around it, upload a source image, have a look around what others in the Coolors community, and export your palette in six different formats.

One thing I love is that the hex codes are in the url of the page, so you can grab the text from the search bar and save it in a document for later. HANDY.

Coolors is even available as an iOS app and Adobe add-on.




Good old canva.  Great for so many things, and one of its lesser know talents is palette building. Jot those handy hex codes and go right to canva!



Design Seeds

Not really a palette generator, but a source of wonderfully curated inspiration. Search by theme, colour, and spend too much time wandering around wonderful colours.

Love this.



Colormind is a color scheme generator that uses deep learning. Deeeep.

It can learn color styles from photographs, movies, and popular art. Different datasets are loaded each day, so there is always something new to play with and new ways to put colour together.

Lock down a colour you love, and let colormind weave it's magic around your selection.




ColRD is an intuitive color palette generator with a range of options. When you're working on a colour, you'll get 140 similar friends lined up in a grid so you can simply choose that one which works rather than fiddle with all the controls.

There are so many community images with colour palettes to explore as well.




So minimal. Move the mouse around your screen, choose a colour, move your mouse around the next screen, choose a colour... wash, rinse, repeat. Click to save. Simple!




Colorfavs is probably the best "get colours from an image" solution.

Load your image and get not only a palette generated from the image but suggested friends as well. For every color in your palette, you can view hex conversions, standard color schemes, gradient tones, and a bunch more.

Colorfavs has a large community who are super helpful.




If you're really struggling and all you can think of is 'I need mountain colours' or 'shades of beach would be nice', then this is your solution. Type in the keyoword and off you go!


Palettr user interface


Have Fun!

Nailing your colour selections has as much to do with your anticipated audience as what looks 'good' - you'll need to keep the mindset of those folks in your process when finalising that scheme.

Personally, I love playing in Coolors. Lots of answers to be had in there.

How do you choose your colours? Which projects give you the most colour grief? Which of these solutions has you excited?


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