Black Friday Cyber Monday deals you don't want to miss for 2020

What is Cyber Monday anyway?

Black Friday is a sale period after Thanksgiving, named not because it gets businesses "back in the black"but because in 1869 two goobers by the name of Gould and Fisk drove up the the price of gold so hard that the stock market dropped 20% and foreign trade stopped. Farmers suffered a 50% dip in wheat and corn harvest value. Yikes. Then it changed over time to be the day right after Thanksgiving and the Army-Navy game, and now it is a day commemorated by lots and lots of discount shopping.

Aint modern culture grand?

Cyber Monday is the digital equivalent of IRL Black Friday. Many software and digital providers offer lifetime deals or special prices on their products which are not available at any other time.


What is a limited lifetime deal?

Excellent question. Clever you.

These digital solutions are really clever. If you wanted to get a developer to build something like them from scratch for you, then you'd be up for megabucks. Most charge a monthly or yearly fee for the maintenance and constant improvement of the solution. Considering how clever and complex it is, and that you'll keep using it, it's only fair that you keep paying for it too. It's not like a pair of jeans that get made, you buy, you wear until they fall apart. Digital stuff needs constant and careful attention.

On Cyber Monday some providers offer a limited lifetime deal - a one off payment to get their goodies without any further payment EVER but still get lifetime updates. Some are an intro price though, not a once off, so make sure you read the deal carefully. So it's a brilliant time to plan your tech for the year and get those digital ducks lined up.


Our Cyber Monday recommendations for 2020

Affilitate links are marked with an asterisk

1. WP Amelia*

We LOVE Amelia. Our favourite features are the syncing with google or office calendars, but you can take payments, block off days, have multiple employees, host events AND appointments, send text confirmations and there is even a Zoom integration. 

Love it. $59AU for lifetime access is awesome too. 


2. Divi*

This website is built on Divi. The majority of our builds are on Divi. Why? It's a great site to hand over to client, it's easy enough to learn, the support and community are great and the developers are continually looking for ways to improve their product. There is very little Divi can't do. Our favourite features are the theme builder, global styles, and copy/paste settings. 

3. Frase

Everyone should be blogging for their business. ERRY. ONE. Yes, even you. About what? And how do you plan and find information? Encycolpedia Brittanica doesn't really cater for right up to minute advice on all things 2020 (are they even around still?). Anyway, Frase is your answer. Get ready for an easy way to quickly create SEO-friendly content that your audience actually wants to read with this Black Friday special.

Identify the exact questions your target audience is asking online, and generate well-researched content briefs in under 12 seconds, plus use AI optimization to boost your search rankings.

4. DepositPhotos

Getting the right images is cruicial for your website and social media. Not everyone has the time or budget to have curated photoshoots once a quarter, or to carefully plan what they need done. And grabbing some average off brand image runs the risk of reducing your brand or getting you a notice from a rightly annoyed photog telling you to not use their images, please. We adore unsplash, but here's another awesome option for you - DepositPhotos. 

Gain access to a library of 100+ million royalty-free stock photos and vector images and aptivate audiences with high-quality content from professionals all around the world. BOOM.

5. SEOPress

SEOPress is the shizz when it comes to WordPress SEO plugins. It just makes the whole thing so easy. See, there's a way to talk to google so she understands you better. They are called Schema. It's a bunch of code that's annoying to do manually. SEOPress does it for you AND easily. This doesn't take away from very important SEO work, but it does make it more worthwhile. Adding tracking codes for analytics, getting data in your wordpress dashboard, adding data to Google My Business and tracking dead links - all sorted. DO IT.


Ready to get some awesome tools?


Got any other suggestions which readers might love? Pop them in the comments and share.

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