Muddy Paws Adventure Pack

Meet Kim.

Picture this – Kim, the heart and soul behind Muddy Paws Pack Adventures. She's basically a dog's best friend and a nature enthusiast all rolled into one. Kim's journey into the doggy world started with a simple idea: dogs need more than just a kennel during the day. So, she set out to create a haven for our furry friends, where tails wag freely and snoots are free to sniff to their heart's content. It's her passion for dogs and the great outdoors that keeps the spirit of Muddy Paws Pack Adventures alive.

The brief.

When Muddy Paws Pack Adventures came to us, they faced a unique challenge. How could they effectively convey their passion for dogs and their mission to provide exceptional outdoor adventures for these four-legged companions? We needed to design a brand identity that captured their boundless energy, love for dogs, and their commitment to offering a top-tier dog playcare service.

Working with A Lined Design has been the most fantastic experience. Sarah and the team were able to decipher our pie in the sky ideals and create a brand and logo that perfectly matched the feel we were going for. So easy to work with and very timely, highly recommend!

- Angus Souter

The brand design.

Sheer joy and playfulness.

For Muddy Paws Pack Adventures, we didn't hold back. We created a brand identity that's as vibrant as a dog's wagging tail. Take the primary brand logo, for instance. It features a hand-drawn dog face, showcasing the sheer joy and playfulness of dogs after a day filled with excitement. And guess what? This logo cleverly forms the "M" and "P" of their brand name, emphasising their deep connection with their canine pals.

But we didn't stop there. We added a splash element to bring that playful touch to their visuals. And let's not forget the "snoot" icon – it's all about capturing a dog's curiosity and inquisitive nature.

Now, let's talk colour. We've got a bright and energetic green called Formal Garden (that gets dug by dogs who don't get to play with Muddy Pack perhaps!) to represent their vibrant approach. And if you want a pop of colour, say hello to Exuberance Orange. It's there to add some extra excitement to the mix.

In their marketing copy, we've poured our hearts into messages that resonate with dog parents. You know the feeling – that guilt when your dog spends the day indoors. We've been there. We wanted to make you the hero in your dog's story. We're all about giving your furry friends the adventure they deserve.

Muddy Paws Pack Adventures speaks your language. They're upbeat, reliable, and full of action, just like a happy dog after a day of play. And when they talk to you, it's as if they're your old friends – friendly, welcoming, and professional all in one.

With splashy icons, a bright colour palette, and font choices that match their energetic style, we've ensured that Muddy Paws Pack Adventures stands out in the competitive world of doggy playcare. Their brand identity isn't just about dogs – it's about trust and the excitement that Kim and her team bring to their four-legged clients.

So, in a nutshell, our design work for Muddy Paws Pack Adventures is all about creating that emotional bond with their audience. It's a reflection of their unwavering commitment to providing daily adventures for dogs and giving busy dog parents the peace of mind they deserve.

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