Footprints educational complex

Footprints Educational Complex

Meet Steph.

Steph has operated Footprints for 26 years. She's seen many parents endure the emotional roller coaster of waving goodbye for the day – hoping the face they see at pick-up time will be a smiling one.

As a mum and the founder of Footprints Educational Complex, she know how challenging the experience can be. 

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The brief.

As Burnie's most experienced and longest running, privately operated child care centre, Footprints is an institution. Rebranding a treasured place is a big job! With the whole team on board ready to find a new face and energy we focussed on the children, creating a tactile website what would draw people in, show the children but not their faces for privacy concerns, and showcase the facilities. 

The concept of footprints and growth had to be retained, but all other options were ready to be considered.

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It is important to me that "women support other women" and also when selecting a web designer that I support a local Tasmanian business. This is what I did when choosing Sarah Crawford and A Lined Design. I could not be happier with new professional but fun website and branding.

- Steph Rubock

The design.

Textured cardboard, crayons, layered paper - lots of texture and warmth to invite a reader in to the rooms. It is totally posible to create something tactile on a flat website!

The colour palette has been lifted from coloured paper in al the colours of the rainbow - broad enough for all applications. No black was used, instead a dark warm blue-grey. 

Every element has soft edges and soft animations - the fonts, the elements. 

The icon is two overlapped feet in the shape of a heart. 

A huge update to a gorgeous institution. Thanks team!

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