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Meet Rowena.

Meet Rowena, a dedicated professional who understands the hustle and bustle of running a business.

With over a decade of experience in the bookkeeping world, Rowena's passion lies in helping fellow entrepreneurs achieve financial harmony. As a mother of three, she knows the importance of balance in life. Rowena firmly believes that business owners should focus on their expertise, rather than getting bogged down in accounting hassles. She's more than a bookkeeper; she's your trusted ally, ready to provide answers to even the smallest questions and become a valuable part of your team.

The brief.

Our mission with Balanced Inline was crystal clear: alleviate the struggles that business owners face when it comes to keeping their finances in order. We aimed to provide a streamlined brand, captivating copywriting, and a website design that speaks to the heart of our clients' pain points. The goal was to communicate that bookkeeping doesn't have to be a daunting task. It's about making it stress-free, accessible, and supportive.

Balanced Inline website for bookkeeper.
Balanced Inline website before working with A Lined Design

Absolutely loved working with Sarah @ A Lined Design to create my website for Balanced Inline. 2 years on, I am still loving my website & couldn't be happier with the service from A Lined Design. Would highly recommend to anyone.

- Rowena Zara

Sarah came highly recommended and it didn’t take long to see why. From the first meet to the last she has been extremely competent and professional, what meant more to me was her kindness and patience.

Sarah’s onboarding process is outstanding and her project management skills top notch. I can honestly say what was delivered was beyond expectation and the logo, colour palette and branding guidelines add enormous value over and above the website.

Sarah is a good listener and open to suggestion. I enjoyed working with her and have no doubt you will too.

- Simon Duigan

The Brand Design.

The heart of Balanced Inline's brand design is a logo that encapsulates both sophistication and a personal touch. An inky pen, representing Rowena's refined yet free-flowing approach to bookkeeping, takes center stage. Its elegant strokes evoke the feeling of a signature, symbolizing the personal connection that Rowena brings to her service. The pen hovers over an open book, subtly forming the letters B and I within its pages. This design mirrors Rowena's belief in delivering clear and practical bookkeeping solutions.

The colour palette further reinforces the brand's essence. Warm and feminine tones create an inviting atmosphere, aligning with Rowena's approachable nature. Mustard hues subtly allude to the financial aspect, representing prosperity and success. Deep greens bring a sense of serenity and calm to the design, reminiscent of the classic banker's lamp. Hints of pink infuse modernity and freshness, adding a contemporary edge.

The web design.

Much like Rowena's dedication to maintaining a consistent brand image, we've carried this spirit into the digital realm. The design incorporates the reference site's aesthetics, creating a visually harmonious experience. The warm and feminine tones found in the brand colours are seamlessly woven into the website's sections. This cohesion enhances the site's visual appeal and ensures a consistent brand message.

Sections of the website are thoughtfully blocked with white and pink, offering a feeling of lightness and airiness. These design choices aim to create an atmosphere of ease and freedom, a stark contrast to the stress often associated with financial matters. We understand that the typical business owner is already overwhelmed and stressed, and our design seeks to provide a sanctuary of support and clarity. It's where Rowena's brand shines – in alleviating that mental load and helping clients clear their financial messes for brighter workdays.

Furthermore, the services page showcases an in-depth table outlining the various packages offered by Balanced Inline, complete with pricing information. This visual aid plays a vital role in helping clients make informed decisions when choosing from a range of service options.

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In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses. That's why it's essential to work with a web development company that not only understands the technical aspects of building a website but also has a strong focus on creative design.

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